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Jakarta - Indonesia

Didirikan Tahun 1997 Swasta Akreditasi B
Daftar Ke Jurusan Ini

Fashion Business - S1

Students who graduate from this program are driven and aspire to the highest level of quality. They are encouraged to develop creative concepts and are capable of adapting to the rapidly changing global fashion business. They also will be able to gain complete knowledge of fashion merchandising and all the aspects that enhance their capability either in managing fashion business or being a professional. The program places a great emphasis on the development of individual creativity, personal style and design philosophy. It gives students the opportunity to explore and develop new and original concepts and to translate the information and ideas into innovative fashion brands. Our lecturers consists of a team of designers, journalists, marketing and retail business experts offering students a complete range of expertise which will prepare them to conquer the fashion business.

Kesempatan Karir

Fashion Marketer
Promotion Specialist
Fashion Coordinator
Boutique Owner
Visual Display Artist

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