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Jakarta - Indonesia

Didirikan Tahun 1981 Swasta Akreditasi A
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Game Application and Technology - S1

GAT Program is designed to adapt the dynamically changing creative industries landscape while ensuring a solid academic foundation and aligned to industry expectations. GAT focuses on game art, game design, and game programming. Derived from Computer Science Study Program, GAT Program offers game programming and development blended with creativity and innovation in Game Technology. The structure of the course allows students to gain valuable practical experience in building software systems, and also apply knowledge in creative game design. GAT Program have a strong base in computer science foundation subjects as well as offering the theoretical and critical thinking behind current digital technologies. Students will learn in a project orientated environment that encourages collaboration with industries. This collaboration helps them discover creative solutions to contemporary design challenges. Students are encouraged to collaborate, work according to deadlines, maintain attendance levels and develop strong communication skills. As a result, graduates are internationally renowned for their expertise and confident to enter the workplace as newly skilled professionals rather than technicians.

Kesempatan Karir

Software Engineer
Application Developer
Game Designer
Game Programmer

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